Amazing Angels Stained Glass Coloring Book

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Sixteen original illustrations that evoke the glories of cathedral windows will delight angel enthusiasts of all ages. The images are printed on special translucent paper that perfectly captures the look of leaded glass. After coloring, the angelic drawings will create a stained glass glow when placed in front of windows, lamps, or other light sources.

Angels have a reassuring presence.  Their roles as messengers and protectors make them universally welcome. Sometimes they take the form of cherubim, joyful children. At other times, wielding a sword or the scales of justice, they are defenders of divine law. These beloved spiritual beings, pictured often in works of art, appear in this inspiring book with the lamb and the dove, as well as offering the calming effects of music andt he joys of nature.

To color the pages, you can use crayons, felt-tip markers, or paints. Try combining them - such as crayons and markers - to make an interesting picture. You can color one side of the picture, or both. If you color only one side, make sure that the side that you colored faces outdorrs, so that there will be a sharper black outline showing through the window.