Jerusalem Cross Silk Twill Scarf or Home Accent

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This elegant Jerusalem Cross Silk Twill Scarf may be used as an elegant table overlay, hang on textile hanger to decorate a wall, or wear it as an inspiring and beautiful fashion accessory.

  • 100% silk twill scarf. 
  • Rich color is accented by subtle metallic gold accents. 
  • Size: 35” square, with hand-rolled hem.

Story behind the design: 

At the east arm of the cross, the hand coming from a cloud represents God the Father. In the center, the sacred monogram "IHS" is an abbreviation for the word "Jesus" as spelled in Greek and represents God the Son. At the west, a flying dove represents God the Holy Spirit; the seven stars, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit; and the rays below the dove, the Rays of Glory. At the north, a Greek cross with crossed keys represents Saint Peter and at the south, an open book with a sword represents Saint Paul, the two saints to whom the Cathedral is dedicated.

Installed in 1958 as a memorial to "Friends who have completed outstanding service to the Church," this intricate design contains green marble from Maryland, pink and brown marble from Tennessee, burgundy marble from Vermont and golden-toned marble from Italy.

Designed by Philip Hubert Frohman and fabricated in Italy using over two thousand pieces of marble, the work was shipped to the Cathedral in nine sections which took only five days to install.

Washington National Cathedral, known formally as the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, was built as a "House of Prayer for all People." It is a truly national church in which people of all faiths can come together to celebrate and mourn the events that shape a nation. Chartered by Congress in 1893, the Gothic-style Cathedral was completed in 1990.

Our beautiful replica of the Jerusalem Cross on silk will bring Spiritual Inspiration to remind you that the Spirit of God is always with you.