Space Window Ornament

$26.99 Member Price
  • Ornament size: 4” tall x 1.75” wide at its base
  • This Ornament has a brass backing, so is not a translucent sun catcher where light can shine through.
  • Comes in a nice black box suitable for gift giving.

The Cathedral’s Space Window is beautifully depicted in this brass ornament reproduction. Among the most treasured of the many stained glass windows of Washington National Cathedral is one that has come to be known as the Space Window. The masterful design by stained glass artist Rodney Winfield (American, b. 1925), installed in the main arcade of the Cathedral nave, captures the wonder and beauty of the heavens and salutes the brave adventure of human exploration in space. A rare gift from NASA adds unique character to this magnificent window. Visible at the center of a large planet of rich red glass is a genuine piece of lunar rock presented to the Cathedral by the astronauts of Apollo 11. The 3½ billion-year-old rock is a humbling and inspiring reminder of just how far the courage to dream can take us.