The Way Up, 11'' x 14'' Matted Print

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The main stairway to the crypt level of Washington National Cathedral. Standing at the base of the stairs looking up towards the main level, the graceful spiral form of the long iron railing draws your eye up to the first landing and the freestanding central column, from which the ribbed vaulting branches out, while the stairs continue beyond.

Photographer Christopher Budny found his interest in making images after a trip to England without a camera, relying on a talented friend to photograph everything. As a volunteer docent at Washington National Cathedral since 1996, Chris' interest in architecture drove his photography; capturing the artistry of the cathedral became a steady pursuit. The great church provides endless subject matter, and remains a favorite subject for Chris' images, through which he can share his love of the great building with others.

In addition to structures, Chris is drawn to close-up/macro photography and travel/landscape imagery. Self-taught and working in digital format, his award-winning images have appeared in commercially published photography books, as well as printed tourism material, pres articles, and earthquake-damage displays at the cathedral.

"Thank you for your interest in my photography; your purchase helps support the cathedral and its substantial restorations following the damages inflicted by the 2011 earthquake." -Christopher Budny